Volunteer to support the 2013 Colorado League Race Season. Sign up for a race weekend below.
Race day would not be possible without the incredible work of our volunteers! It takes a “village” to put on quality youth mountain bike races. Many parents and cycling enthusiasts find that getting involved with race production is a fun and rewarding experience.We have venue and course set-up opportunities the Saturday before each race, and of course, many volunteer opportunities on race day (Sunday). Please review the positions and shifts below and become part of our community by signing up to volunteer.For general volunteer questions, email volunteer@coloradomtb.org.Thank you! 



Volunteering is Fun!


Race #1 September 6-7Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede
Race #2 September 20-21Cloud City Challenge
Race #3 October 4-5Peaceful Valley Invitational
Race #4 October 18-19Haymeadow Classic
State Championships

Please note: Exact shift times are approximate and may differ slightly from race to race.

All volunteers will receive time confirmations by email.

Saturday Positions

Venue Set-UpVideo
Volunteers will be working with League staff to set-up the pit zone, feed zone, start/finish area, and parking as well as grooming the course.
Shift 19:00AM to 1:00PM
Shift 21:00PM to 4:30PM
Course SettingVideo
Bring your bike and helmet! You'll be marking the course with yellow signage and ribbon to ensure riders stay en route.
Shift 19:00AM to 1:00PM
Shift 21:00PM to 4:30PM
Pre-Ride Registration Pick-UpGreet riders as they arrive to pre-ride the course and distribute registration packets.
Shift 11:00PM to 4:00PM

Sunday Positions

Help direct traffic and welcome participants, communicate 1 car per team in the Pit Zone before 8:00 am, remind folks that helmets are required when riding.
Shift 17:30AM to 10:00AM
Shift 19:45AM to 12:15PM
Help pass out registration packets to coaches and independent riders. Process is not complicated but attention to detail is important. Ensure nervous racers smile at least once!
Shift 17:30AM to 10:30AM
Merchandise / Information BoothThe League has things to sell like shirts, cowbells, jerseys and jackets. This tent is the hub of information. Course maps, number of laps, Pit Zone layout, venue questions, and other information is here.
Shift 17:30AM to 9:45AM
Shift 29:30AM to 1:00PM
Shift 312:45PM to 3:30PM
Announcing AssistantVideo
This volunteer position is a great way to get into the action at the race. Help announcers by calling in number plates on the radio or matching the number plates to names.
Shift 19:30AM to 12:15PM
Shift 212:00PM to 2:45PM
Get in the action with this exciting job. This job entails recording plate numbers as they cross the finish line each lap. A quick scoring training session led by Chief of Scoring will begin at 12:30pm shart at the Scoring tent.
Shift 19:30AM to 12:15PM
Shift 212:00PM to 3:45PM
Finish Line SupportVideo
The finish line is always the most hectic place of the race course. Parents and teammates are crowding around to see their riders finish and riders come through exhausted, fatigued, and in need of someone to corral them out of the way. We need stubborn yet caring volunteers to manage the finish line so we donêt get a bottleneck of people.
Shift 19:30AM to 12:15PM
Shift 212:00PM to 2:30PM
Course MarshalVideo
The more the better! Course marshals stand at key points on the course to ensure everyoe is safe and going the right way. Radios are provided to communicate any problems or ineries. Hike or bike (helmet please!) to your position. So we place you appropriately on the course, let us know if youêre able to ride your bike to your position or if you will be on foot. WHEN YOU REPORT FOR YOUR SHIFT _ PLEASE BE GEARED UP, DRESSED AND READY GO!
Shift 18:30AM to 11:45AM
Shift 211:00AM to 2:45PM
Roving Course MarshalRoving course marshals ride the course to ensure evryone is safe and going the right way. Radios are provided to communicate any problems. Report to the volunteer tent at your shift start time, geared up and ready to ride.
Shift 19:30AM to 12:00PM
Shift 211:10AM to 1:40PM
Shift 312:35PM to 3:05PM
Course SweepVideo
We need sweepers for each category who are willing to follow after the very last rider of that category. We want to ensure that every rider gets to the finish line in the safest way possible. This position requires bike riding, as well as the willingness to tend to any issues that may arise on the course. Please include a few category choices for your sweeping position. You will need a race number plate for your bike. Report to the volunteer tent at your shift start time, geared up and ready to ride.
Shift 1 (All Girls Categories)9:30AM to 12:00PM
Shift 2 (All Boys)11:10AM to 1:40PM
Shift 3 (All Boys)12:35PM to 3:05PM
Feed ZoneVideo
Lots of action and great stories occur here. Helpers keep water coolers full, and stock snack supplies, including snacks without nuts for those with allergies.
This area can get hectic and those who are not feeding, taking pictures, etc. are asked to move away from the Feed Zone. Reinforce that riders need to come to the right and are not allowed to be touched or receive mechanical assistance without consequences.
Shift 19:30AM to 12:00 PM
Shift 212:00PM to 2:30 PM
Venue Take-DownAs soon as the last JV or Varsity rider is off the course, we start takedown and clean up of the venue.
Shift 12:00PM to 5:00PMBreak for awards ceremony
Course Take-Down on BikeBring your bike and helmet! With this job you get to ride the course after racing is over and pick up all the course marking materials. Itês a great way to end the day with a little exercise.
Shift 12:30PM to 5:00PM
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