Register for the Bailey HUNDO/HUNDiTo. An Epic race that makes an epic difference on June 20, 2015.

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Eagle County in Action! Oct. 24, 2013 from Eagle County ecotv18 on Vimeo

2013 State High School Mountain Bike Races took place Oct. 20th on the now-infamous Haymaker Trail in Eagle. Here's a taste of the action!

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Upcoming Events:

April 24-26 Coach Summit, Eagle

May 16 CycleFest with Sonya Looney, Golden American Mtn. Museum

June 4 Guest Bartender Dave Wiens – Rocky Mounts, Boulder

June 12-14 Stone Temple Girls Camp, Laramie, WY

June 14 Beti Bike Bash June 14-19 Stone Temple Co-ed Camp, Laramie, WY

June 14-17 Leadville Co-ed High Altitude Training Camp, Leadville

June 20 Bailey HUNDO/HUNDiTo

June 27 Vuelta a Keystone

Tentative 2015 Race Schedule:

Race #1 August 30th Location TBD

Race #2 September 13th Location TBD

Race #3 September 27th Location TBD

Race #4 October 11th Location TBD

Race #5 October 24-25th State Championships, Eagle



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